Pat McGorry

Welcome to the Centre for Youth Mental Health at the University of Melbourne.

Although a relatively new Department, we have the experience and expertise of world leaders in the field of youth mental health, and have become an internationally renowned research centre. Our work focuses on understanding the biological, psychological and social factors that influence onset, remission and relapse of mental illnesses in young people.

Our research informs the development of better interventions, treatments and service systems for young people at different stages of mental ill-health. The multidisciplinary nature of our research provides a diverse and stimulating environment for students. Our local and international collaborations with other universities engage us with a broader research community, with global perspectives and the opportunity for the exciting exchange of ideas.

The Centre also informs state and national policy makers and health providers. Our research findings are translated into improved policy, practice and training, resulting in better services for young people with a mental illness.

I would like to welcome you into our dedicated and passionate community of academics, researchers, students and clinicians, and trust you will find the experience rich and rewarding.