Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention


Jo Robinson


Georgina Cox


headspace National Office; Professor Jane Pirkis, School of Population Health, University of Melbourne; Dr Christabel Owens, Devon Partnership NHS Trust and Peninsula Medical School, University of Exeter, United Kingdom; Dr Gillian Green, University of Manchester, United Kingdom; Professor Gregory Carter, Centre for Brain and Mental Health Research, University of Newcastle, Australia


This program area focuses upon the prevention of suicide and suicide-related behavior in young people, in both clinical and community settings. Recent work has included a pilot study testing an on-line program for suicidal young people and a series of systematic reviews. Jo is also involved in the ongoing development of the headspace School Support program the evaluation of the National Suicide Prevention Program which is being led by an external firm of consultants.

Re-frame IT

Reframe IT is an online program that delivers 8 modules of cognitive behavioural therapy to school students at risk of suicide. The program is currently being subject to a pilot study that aims to test the feasibility and acceptability of the program, as well determining whether or not the program leads to reduced suicidal ideation, hopelessness and symptoms of depression among participants. We currently have 11 schools registered with the program and have received referrals from 8 of these schools. To date 20 young people have been recruited into the study, 8 of whom have completed the program.

The pilot has been funded by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and an NHMRC Program Grant, and additional funds are now being sought to test the program in a randomised-controlled trial.

Systematic reviews

Several systematic reviews have been completed over the past 12 months. These include an examination of school-based interventions and suicide clusters (both in press with Crisis) and a study of suicide hotspots, which has recently been submitted. Two further reviews are underway.