Graduate Diploma in Youth Mental Health

The Graduate Diploma in Youth Mental Health is a postgraduate course that enhances participants' knowledge and understanding of youth mental health issues. The course is designed for health care professionals working in both the adult and adolescent mental health fields and the primary health care sector. To undertake this course an undergraduate qualification or work experience in the field of community development or youth health is required.

By the conclusion of the Graduate Diploma students will have developed the following areas of knowledge:

  • The major theories of development spanning the transition from adolescence to adulthood
  • Recent advances in the preventative models of psychiatry as applicable to young people
  • Recent advances in the biological assessment and treatment of serious mental illness in young people
  • Optimal organisation and management approaches for the provision of services to young clients with serious mental illness

In addition, students will be able to apply the following skills in working with young people:

  • Design community awareness interventions focusing upon early detection and referral of young people to mental health services
  • Assess the early signs of a range of serious mental illnesses in young people
  • Design comprehensive treatment plans which are applicable to the early stages of serious mental illness and sensitive to the developmental tasks facing young clients of mental health services
  • Apply psychosocial interventions in the treatment of primary and secondary morbidity across a range of serious mental illnesses affecting young people and their families
  • Match optimal approaches to the treatment of young people to inpatient, community-based and home-based approaches

The course utilises a range of multimedia teaching methods. Students will require access to an internet-enabled computer and a broadband connection to participate in the online delivery of the course.

Intake, Applications and Fees

The Graduate Diploma has two intakes per year, one in January and one in June.

Please note: this course is available to New Zealand citizens at the equivalent cost to Australian students. Scholarships are available to supplement the costs for some students.

Graduate Diploma in Youth Mental Health

Course Fees: $14,112